18. Can Philadelphia and our Suburbs Revolutionize their Local Energy System?

This show aired on Friday July 5, 2019 on PhillyCAM’s radio station WPPM 106.5 FM in Philadelphia. You can hear the audio anytime afterwards. The script is below. Produced by Meenal & Tanya.

Hello & welcome 

Hello and welcome to Philly Talks Climate — where we talk about the climate crisis, how it affects Philadelphia, and how we solve this for our region. I’m Meenal Raval, and I’ll be your host.

Last week

Last week we talked about the fire at our local refinery in South Philly, owned and operated by Philadelphia Energy Solutions, or PES. Owners have since shut down the refinery, and laid off the workforce. The workers are demanding their jobs back, while residents, relieved that the hydrofluoric acid remained contained and there were no casualties — demand — Pay up, PES! And clean up on your way out! 

This week 

This independence week, I’d like to air a podcast about how Philadelphia and our suburbs are pursuing energy independence with 100% renewable energy. Though an interview with me, I have to say it’s a good summary of where we are now with local and state climate action. 

[insert https://ilsr.org/philadelphia-pa-voices-of-100-podcast/ 


Engage with your elected representatives

Having a commitment to 100% renewable energy would mean there’s a shared understanding between the public and the elected rep that we no longer invest in fossil fuel projects.

Think Philly needs a public commitment to clean energy? You’ll find a petition on the Engage page of Philly Talks Climate



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