Lyrics – Activist

Song Activist, by Jay Samel, part of the Buy This Fracking Album, more at Lyrics were transribed for episode 30 of Philly Talks Climate. If corrections, please notify

how can you stand with the fat cats, man
money can’t save you
it’s part of their plan 

try and test that
watch water turn to blood 

gonna give them my earth
drive you thru the mud 

i can’t simply sit and watch idly by
as you go frack my mother in your tux and your tie 

i’m gonna raise them god given fists in the air
if i don’t
ain’t nobody gonna care 

what would you do if your son come tell you and say hey

dad, wanna be an activist
what would that do if you your son comes to you and says
wanna be..wanna be…wanna be an activist 

i picked up a ___ with about a thousand others
every color of the rain on my sisters and brothers
who were screaming thru the air 

i want to listen very clear
who’ll sacrifice my life
turn a deaf year

i pay you very well
you get all them nice perks
the contract i gave you
to protect my public works 

it’s surely about time
you just turn around and looked
there’s thousands of bosses screaming just outside at your door 

hey dad, i wanna be an activist 

go save my earth
must’ve felt like this 

hey man, i wanna be an activist 

of course it’s on fire
can’t save you 

dad sat me down
looked me in the eyes
so many years went by thinking we could make a difference
we tried
but nobody listened
everybody tried
and mom won the right to vote
we will be legal in just a year or two
when uncle tom married charlie
and they sued

if we walk hand in hand

protect yours, protect ours
this land will be ours till the gas runs dry 

hey dad, wanna be an activist
the fracktavist is the actvist now…