Lyrics – Extinction Rebellion Acceptance

I feel the fear of extinction
I feel rebellion as well
I can clearly see the distinction
between a heaven and a hell

We’ve only one planet to live on
Let us start singing and shouting
Should’ve been done a long time ago

Maybe it’s time to drop out
And dip our toes in the water one more time
And give our thanks to the blessed beautiful sky
To the things we ought to do
Before we see it all through
Pray one day this earth will renew
Do the things we ought to do

We’ve paved all our front gardens
to park our poisonous cars
fly lethal planes from Europe to the USA
for the beaches and the bars.

And we’ve managed to melt the icecaps
we’ve chopped the forests down
now we can’t stop temperatures rising
and our fields are turning brown.

But with GDP as our bible
we all want more and more
no chance to survive now
what’s all the fussin’ for?

There’s too many of us now
so no more kids
Time will not allow a future life
futile somehow
There’s far too many of us now

The nuclear plants leaks radiation
to poison our beautiful seas
coral reefs die in the turmoil
of an eco catastrophe

And the church is a joke
the system is broke
hypocrisy blooms everywhere
the gods are all dead
there’s just in your head
don’t bother to say a prayer

Just try to love each other before you die
just feel the truth of love
and maybe start to cry
from your heart but not your head
Just look where that has led
to a world that’s burnt and dead
from your heart
forget your head

For there’s far too many of us now
so no more kids
the time will not allow
for a future life
futile somehow
there’s too many of us now
just make your final vows
no kids
not now