About the show

Philly Talks Climate is a weekly radio show about the climate crisis, how it affects Philadelphia, and how we’ll solve this together. We want to help you demand more of our local politicians, so that we have the leadership we need at this very critical time in our civilization.

Our show currently airs on Friday’s at noon on PhillyCAM’s WPPM 106.5 low power FM in Philadelphia, our home for People Powered Media! 

On Philly Talks Climate, we will offer some education; so you can understand the issues. At times, we will have guest speakers. Some regular segments on our show will be news you can use. Here, we’ll highlight a local news story that you can use to talk about climate. We’ll also talk about how you’ll engage with your elected reps. We’ll explain an issue, present a perspective, and have you reach out to your Mayor, City Council member, State Rep or State Senator. So that you don’t feel all alone taking this on, we’ll also share how you can connect with others at a climate-related event. Like the news story, we’ll select an event where you’ll meet others working to reverse climate in our region. Sometimes it’ll be a parade or a rally or a fair, sometimes a public hearing, and sometimes just a fun networking event.

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last update: Dec 15, 2019